First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Parenting Seminar

WhenSaturday, October 26 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Where:  First Baptist Church, 11543 County Road 175, Kenton, Ohio

Why:  This seminar is aimed at assisting parents to be focused on the areas God is most concerned with in the parent/child relationship.  In a world that is filled with techniques and methods, they will take you to the heart of parenting God's way. 

Lunch will be provided

Childcare:  Child care will be available for those who are nursing mothers



I'm a Parent, Now What?

- Have you ever had this question of panic or uncertainty as a parent?

- Do you feel unprepared?

- Are you uncertain where to direct your child(ren)?

- What goals should we have for our child(ren)?

- Where's the training manual for parenting?

- What is a parent's job description?


kids playing


Track 1:  Shepherding a Child's Heart

This track, taught by Portia Mansfield, is meant for parents of children ages 10 and under.  Portia is a mother of 4 and was an elementary teacher for 2 years before becoming a homeschooling mom for 19 years.  Her passion to help children to read has led her to be a tutor as well as substitute teacher in the local area school system.  She has been a Children's Church teacher for nearly 25 years.  In her spare time, she has been writing Children Church curriculums. 


"The Lessons my husband and I have learned from this book have been so beneficial

to our children and us, we must pass them on to parents."


What you can expect

- Learn the difference between being a heart-focused parent vs a behavior-focused parent.

- Learn what influences your child's behavior in your own home.

- How to help your child develop a Godward orientation

- Learn to examine and develop proper goals for your children

- Learn to communicate with your child.




Track 2:  The Age of Opportunity

This track, taught by Pastor Craig Mansfield, is meant for parents of children ages 11 to 18.  Pastor Craig was a youth pastor for 8 years.  For the last 19 years he has been the pastor at First Baptist Church.  He enjoys overseeing the teaching and discipling ministry to the teens and loves spending time with them.  He and his wife Portia have been married for 29 years and have recently entered into the "empty-nest" years.


What you can expect to learn

- How to see the teen years in the home positively as a unique opportunity not a burden

- Learn what gets in the way of effective parenting of teens

- Learn what are and how to set godly goals


At the end of the seminar the parent(s) will leave with notes and a copy of one of the following books:  Shepherding a Child's Heart or The Age of Opportunity.  A time of Q&A will be available as they day unfolds.