First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania

Study to show thyself approved unto God!


Dear Praying Partners,

This has been a wonderful PEP trip in India as we have witnessed the Lord working in many hearts for His glory!  During our first week, we were able to teach the course "The Pastor's Life and Work" to approximately 38-40 pastors, teachers, and ministry students.  Many of the pastors are still taking classes to better equip them for their ministries.  It was encouraging to see so many "young" pastors as the next generation is being passed the baton of pastoral leadership.  They had many questions, especially about the "Family".  Balancing family and ministry is a real problem here, and we noticed a real hunger to learn.  They are eager to be trained because the need is so great.  They will take that material and teach it to other pastors who speak other languages and were not able to attend.  So the training has only begun!

The Lord enabled me to preach in three churches, one school chapel with close to 600 children, one youth conference with over 500 young people, and several one-on-one opportunities for counsel.  Jon also spoke in a school chapel, and preached in three churches.  Plans are being made for us to return in March 2018.  I am amazed by the hunger, passion, and teachable spirit that these believers exhibit!  Churches are being planted and God is being glorified. 

We have finished our second full week here in India and are now back in the States.  I lost my voice just before we started the second week, but it gradually came back.  The first part of the week I was only 'whispering', but the Lord blessed the week.  This second part of our ministry here was different than the first in several ways.  This was primarily a group of church-plants.  One primary national church-planter started several churches.  Last year, four of the small church plants joined forces and became one church.  All of the leaders (pastors) came with that merger, and so the church has four elders.  There are two more pastors (church-planters) who are part of this same fellowship, and are in the process of starting two other churches in another region of the state.  We spoke in each of these churches.

We taught 'Principles of Spiritual Growth' and there were about 62 people total who came throughout the week.  They were extremely hungry for truth and help in order to grow spiritually.  The leaders are incredibly faithful, desire to know the Word of God and are eager to learn.  Several other faithful church members asked us to do a Marriage Seminar on the weekend following the Conference.  There were many questions at the Seminar that dealt with Biblical issues and how that related to the cultural pressures they are under from their families and loved ones.

We had the opportunity to do some visitation.  One man has been bed-ridden for 10 years due to being paralyzed from the neck down.  He came to Christ just this last year.  Another handicapped man had an accident while we were there and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Almost the entire church came to see him and be with him during the trial.  They truly are a family and a community of believers (Acts 2)!  The churches are in Hindu or Muslim communities.  Each and every family unit seems to be going through some trial in their lives, but their passion for God and His Word was extremely humbling to us. 


Please Pray that:

- those men attending these PEP Seminars would be equipped for the work of the ministry

- the Lord would continue to care for them, strengthen them, and pour out His grace upon them - They are seeking Him!


The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

In early July we held our first Art Camp for the teens, in part to give them a special week like VBS.  During Art Camp, they could choose two activities, painting a mural for VBS with Nicki, cake decorating with Kim and Ruth, and building a wooden bench with Dave and Luke.  We were delighted to have the Kerr family visit with the Warners and help us out that week.  The addition of Art Camp has made it possible for some teens to serve as helpers where they would have been participants in the past. 

As mentioned in an earlier prayer letter, Celeste had the privilege of spending three weeks in Perugia, Italy, working with BMM missionaries, Fred and Rachel Whitman.  She wa a great help in the nursery during the week of VBS.  She was also able to help Mr. Whitman prepare materials for translation as well as serve by painting for some of the members of the church.  Celeste made several new friends, and is planning to study Italian during her senior year of high school this fall.

Parents, we encourage you to explore short-term ministry opportunities with your teens.  We are available to help. Please contact us or the BMM church relations department. 

On the afternoon of June 29, our area experienced one of the worst hailstorms in recent history.  Hundreds of homes had damage to roofs, windows, and porches by the golf-ball-sized-hail.  Countless cars were damaged as well, many with broken or shattered windshields and/or rear windows.  Minutes before the storm, our girls had been out on a walk with the dog in the city center.  Our roof had nearly 100 broken tiles that Dave was able to replace himself.  Our car was also badly dented, but thankfully insurance is going to cover both losses. 


- Wonderful time with the teens during our first Art Camp

- Protection during the severe hailstorm

- Ruth and Dave secured their Romanian driver's licenses

Prayer Requests

- For those still recovering from the hailstorm

- For three teens who completed 8th grade.  Two plan to go to high school this fall.


In Him,

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


We recently visited the village of La Victoria once again.  The church leaders joined Wayne in a study of John 17, the prayer of Jesus.  They really appreciated delving deeper into God's Word.  What a joy to see Emilio once again walking with the Lord.  He said that the Lord had disciplined him in love, and although he still has health issues, he desires to serve the Lord with his life.  His wife, Yolanda, joined the other ladies in sudying the Word and we looked at verses that reflect God's character and His love toward us.  Then each shared prayer requests, and spent time praying for one another.  We had a profitable time with the La Victoria believers, thanks to the Lord!  Thank you for praying for them and for those unsaved yet seeking the Lord and hearing His Word. 

The Jungle Team also plans to teach the Gospel lessons in May in a village about a day's travel by river.  The village leaders have asked the team to come and teach them, and we trust that they will respond to God's Word and place their trust in Christ only for salvation.

In the village where the gospel team taught last, the people were quite steeped in magic and witchcraft and most refused to attend the teaching sessions.  However, one of the leaders and his 13-year old grandson attended all the 54 sessions and openly delcard their faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel.  Praise the Lord.  We are continuing with Bible teaching for adults and children, and writing Bible materials in Piapoco.  Please pray for direction on teaching the hundreds of unsaved Piapocos in the various neighborhoods near this town.  Please continue to pray for the publication of the Piapoco New Testament.  There are still seven books to be checked by the consultant.

Our youngest daughter, Donna, is expecting their third child.  Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and little one. She and PJ have begun learning the Chami language and culture.  Their girls, Evye and Lily, enjoy interaction with the Chami children and being homeschooled.  Thank you for praying for them.  Pray also for our daughter, Angela's trip with her two children to visit us this summer.  We look forward to the family time.  Your prayers and support help make this ministry possible.  Thanks for caring!




Joe & Jenny Mifsud - Malta

Baptist Mid-Missions
"...they knew that the island was called Melita." (Acts 28:1)

Dear Praying Friends,

As always, we wish to sincerely thank you for praying and supporting us in our efforts to carry out the Great Commission here in Malta.

June was another good month.  We would ask you to pray for the Faith Bible Institute students who have just graduated.  One was a lady in her early 80's who took the three-year course all the way through and graduated.  During that time she was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatment and is now in remission being totally clear at this time. Thank God this was her second time beating cancer and she is an inspiration to us all.  While being a widow with no children she has kept busy helping in the church and even attends the Gozo Bible Study nearly every Wednesday. Please pray for her as we give thanks for members like her and ask the Lord to raise up younger people with the same get-up-and-go!  Faith Bible Institute is on summer break and will resume in August.  Please pray for new students to enroll in this good chronological study through the Bible that helps ground new believers in God's Word. 

We are thankful for every woman who has helped in the ministry of the church this year.  Please pray for the women of our church who do much service in the work of the Lord.  As some of these workers move away we ask the Lord for new workers to replace them in the ministries in which they serve.

Recently, we were able to watch a live-stream of the Commissioning Service by their church for our teammates, Josh and Erica Burrill, who are coming to Malta as missionaries.  It was a most moving, well done and encouraging Commissioning Service for missionary work we have seen.  We would ask you to pray for  this dear family as they raise the last 10% of their needed monthly support.  We thank God for them and look forward to their arrival on the field. 

Once again we thank you for your part in the missionary work here and want you to know we appreciate your prayers for us as we pass the ten-year anniversary mark of our time back in Malta.  We praise God as His Spirit is working among the people of this country that a new Maltese family of five adults have just come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  Please continue to pray for us, our family back in the States and the missionary work in Malta and Gozo.



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Greetings in Christ,

Our latest trip to Cuba was a real treat.  We were able to have meetings in seven churches in and near the city of Remedios.  We also made a trip to Havana to visit with Pastor Raymundo and see the first church in Cuba where Leroy was privileged to minster over a dozen years ago.  Our daughter, Lisa, accompanied me and John Paul, an elder of the church where we attend in Dayton, Ohio.
This was a ten day trip, so there was adequate time to minister in many ways in addition to speaking in churches.  Cuba is a special place to visit even though it is a country with many restrictions.  Our religious visas that we normally obtain were denied, but we were granted visitors visas and all turned out well.  Thank you for praying on our behalf, and to all who kindly donated money, medicines and other supplies for this trip. 
Prayer Requests
- Mary Lou continues to have difficulties with her health.  Even though her health issues persist, Paul encourages that God's grace is sufficient
- Leroy will soon be traveling to southern Missouri to minister

Serving the Soon-Coming Lord Jesus,

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
We will likely spend the next couple of months sorting out February - emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It was a month full of increasing ministry activities along with the blessings and challenges that brings.  A month of watching and helping some of our children wrestle with the old nature toward the new.  A month of physical exhaustion and insufficient sleep, yet still with the strength to get through the day.  Through it all, God has and is growing us. 
In early February, Ian and Rebekah went with the Rain Forest International School on their annual Spiritual Retreat.  Phoebe is trying out African hairstyles and is enjoying soccer again, but struggling a bit academically.  Heather participated in the Middle School Retreat by helping lead worship.  She has now taken on the task of helping the choir at church with vocal direction and performance.
The Home Discipleship groups at church are starting to grow and it is a blessing to see the "light come on" to Biblical truth and see the fellowship growing.  My one-on-one discipleship with a man from church is going well.
Please Pray for:
- Phoebe's learning and comprehension
- Heather as she undertakes the difficult and sensitive task of directing the choir
- Growth in the Home Discipleship groups and for the willingness of another man to accept the invitation to join the one-on-one discipleship meetings
- The family of Pastor Bixby and for his church in Fance, at his sudden death at the end of February

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
Psalm 63:3 Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
Dear Friends and Parnters,
I just want to express my many thanks and gratitude for all your prayers and support as it wouldn't be the same without it.  I want to tell you something about the latest events God did in my life.  In the village of Telechiu I have ordained brother Terics Viorel as a pastor of the Gypsy Baptist Church called 'Hope for the gypsies' and on June 25th I have baptized five adults that turned to God in the same village.
On September 3rd in Halmasd, we will have another baptism when eight people will testify their new life in Christ and be baptized.
September 4-9 we will have a Bible course about the principles of Spiritual Growth, taught by professor Timothy Fink.
For His Name,
Josef Teglas