First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania 

Dear Praying Partners,

Thank you for your prayers, regarding my World Religions class here with the 24 students from ten different countries at WOL in Hungary.  Two of our students had backgrounds in Islam and one shared his incredible testimony of salvation from sin, and how the Lord opened his eyes to the truth of the Gospel, though being raised Muslim.  He has had to deal with rejection of his family and the stigma of turning to Christ. 


Please pray for the Rongmei people in India.  Our eyes were opened to the great need in that area, and among that people group.  What started out as discipleship during the three-day course on "Principles of Spiritual Growth," turned into personal discussions regarding evangelism.  Many are nominal Christians and the Gospel was bringing conviction to several attending.  Some need to be saved.  Others have misunderstood how God enables us to grow spiritually.  Overall it was a profitable ministry. 


It was a busy week in Churachandpur, India.  There is a heartbeat to want to learn from the Lord, and the Lord has accomplished much here already.  Hindu extremists have vowed to completely extinguish Christianity out of the country by 2021. 


The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,


But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed.  All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:5-6)


We celebrated Easter in Romania on April 8, a time of year when we solemnly reflect on Christ's suffering and death on the cross for the sings of the world.  It is also a time of celebration and joy for those of us who have trusted in Him as our Lord and Savior knowing that through Christ's resurrection from the dead, we will also conquer death one day and be together with Him in Heaven for eternity.  The teen choir worked hard to prepare eight songs for our special Easter service and then had the privilege of singing in two area churches. 


In February we began a Bible course with the teens that included 18 lessons that Luke prepared.  We have around 16 participating.  Prizes were awarded along the way, including Bibles.  Our goal was for them to learn biblical principles, while also providing us with an opportunity to talk with them individually about spiritual truths.  One young lady in Ruth's group expressed that she has been thinking about receiving Christ as her Savior. 


In January, Ruth began a course called "Beautiful in His Eyes" with ten girls in the Potter's Club program.  The four-week course focused on manicures, much to the great delight of all the girls.  Each week Ruth wove spiritual principles of beauty into the practical application of basic hand and nail care, nail polish application, and special techniques such as French manicure, decals, crystals, and glitter.  The course in April focused on makeup selection and application. 


In March, we held a Spring ladies outreach at church.  Focusing on the theme "New Life in Christ," a dear Romanian friend shared how her life changed dramatically when her alcoholic father became saved, and she also received new life in Christ.  The ladies listened intently to her story, and we know that God will use this in their lives.  They enjoyed the church decorations of butterflies, silk flowers, and white picket fences.  Together they sang, played games, made a craft, and shared a dessert. 


Our furlough is right around the corner, and we look foward to seeing family and friends, including many of our supporting churches and ministry partners.  It is also a privilege to share our experiences with prospective missionaries during our furlough.  We need to hit the ground running when we arrive in June before Celeste begins college in August. 



- March ladies outreach

- Teens participating in the spring Bible course

- Easter choir concerts at our church and in nearby churches


Prayer Requests

- Ladies from the March outreach to keep coming to church

- Our girls' final month of school, a roommate for Celeste, and wisdom as she transitions to the US and college

- Furlough travels and ministry opportunities (and rest!)

- For those who attended the Easter concerts, that the message of the music and the preaching of the Word will convict those in need of Salvation.

- For ongoing opportunities to speak with the teens even after the end of the Bible courses

- For the women who attended the Spring ladies outreach to desire a new life in Christ


In Him,

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


What a joy it has been to work with these Piapoco ladies: Susana, Amanda, Nelly and Yadida. They have a heart to reach others with the gospel and have sacrificially given of their time, busy moms as they are, to ministry.


All five of us were encouraged to see the response to the gospel by the Piapoco ladies in a nearby village area. Eighteen ladies expressed their faith in the Lord Jesus, or that they desire to know Him. We all see the need to do follow-up teaching to affirm just how they are thinking and believing.

As Wayne and I head out for several months in the US, these four ladies have volunteered to continue teaching the twenty some ladies who have been attending the classes. The Lesson Booklets for teaching new believers have been carefully layed out and translated by Wayne, and we leave each teacher with a copy and the helpful Bible pictures. Classes will be held once a week, led by two teachers each time.

Please pray for these four teachers as they continue on in the ministry to other Piapoco women, to establish them in the faith. Thank you for having a part in what the Lord is doing among the Piapocos.


Piapoco ladies


Prayer Request:

A 14 year-old Piapoco boy, Oscar, has been having demonic attacks.  Please pray that he will be freed from the control of the demons and accept the Lord as Savior.  Severl teens in and near his village have the same problem.  



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Dear Brethren at Kenton First Baptist Church,

Serving the Lord is a long and sacrificial life in many ways, but in other ways it is a glorious service for the One and only Lord of Lords.  We thank the Lord that we have had the privilege of serving in missions for these last thirty years.  We trust to continue as long a the Lord permits.  Thanks be to and for the churches and individuals who have, with the Lord's help, given sacrificially to keep us in the ministry.
Thank you also for your prayers.  You have stood by us through these years with prayer when we have had health problems and when we had to seek the Lord for His wisdom in making many changes. 
Currently we are ministering here in the Dayton, Ohio area where the Lord has given open doors.  There are recent changes in Cuba, so we don't know what the future holds there.  We have many churches and loved ones that we minister to long distance and in prayer.  Mexico is still in mind and we ask that you pray with us regarding a trip there to an area south of Mexico City. 
This is an informational letter but we desire to celebrate with you regarding the Lord coming into this world as a human baby to give His life a ransom for our salvation.  His birth was a wonder but His living a sinless life whereby He condemned sin in the flesh, and died on a cross and giving His mortal life so that we through faith in His death, burial and resurrection might have eternal life.  What a wonder of wonders.  We will only understand the fullness of our salvation when we stand in His presence, immortal and incorruptible. 
Leroy and Mary Lou

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
Rainy season came early.  A month early.  That is not bad, just unusual.  The dry season seemed particularly harsh, so the early rains have been a blessing to the many who count on their small plots to provide food for the family.  Even with the heavy, sticky mud it brings, I prefer the rainy season; things "green" up and you can't beat the sound of rain on a tin roof for relaxation, focus and drowning out the sounds of city life. 
The change in seasons always seem to bring illness.  For our family, we had our first official case of malaria; Rebekah was down for several days and missed a couple of soccer games as a result.  She is now doing well, and we are thankful.  Heather and Phoebe also came down with something similar to strep throat.  That passed, but Heather seems to be plagued with an occasional itchy rash of unknown origin. 
Recently I had an opportunity to preach on being a husband and wife after God's own heart.  I also preached again in Olembe.  Often what we teach is counter-cultural, and we need to be sure that our teaching is understandable to Cameroonians.  By God's grace (and that of my family) I have finished my first M.Div. class.  The information I learned is excellent, yet I'm struggling with its practical application to every day ministry in Cameroon.  I'm hopeful that future courses will have a clearer direct application to the work of the ministry.  I will not be taking any courses over the summer to focus on the full calendar of ministry activities already planned. 
Last summer, I was introduced to a pastor from the English speaking portion of Cameroon.  We have struck up  a friendship and I am watching his work to see if there is a potential for future partnership.  His work is near Bamenda where there is a very dangerous ongoing situation between the government and separatists who want to form their own country, 
Please Pray for:
- that we can identify the cause for Heather's rash and get it treated
- for us as we minister in this culture
- for Pastor Gwe, his family, his church and for God's guidance as we see how any future partnership may develop

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
My dear partners in ministry,
I am honored to salute you in the precious name of Our King, Jesus Christ.  May His grace and peace fill your hearts and homes. Thank you for your prayers for Cheriu.  God continues to bring people to salvation.  Four people have joined the church through baptism, and now people are coming to church more often.
I would like to ask you to continue praying for the work in Halmasd and for a plan for property and a building.  The owner of the place where we currently gather has been allowing us to meet there in exchange for help with repairs to the building.  However, our desire is to purchase land and a building of our own.  Osorhei is doing well, and people are continuing to come to the services.
Wishing that the winter celebrations and the birth of Our Savior will fill your hearts with gladness.  I thank God for your generosity. 
For His Name,
Josef Teglas