First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania 

Dear Praying Partners,

You have been so faithful in your prayers for me on this PEP trip!  It is MUCH appreciated!  I also appreciate the notes of encouragement as the Lord lays it upon your hearts to do so.  Recently I was able to be in the Roma churches of Osorhei and Cheriu.  Osorhei is still doing well under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Iosif Teglas, and Cheriu is getting better. More of the people are returning to church and there appears to be good spirit among them.  The Lord extended an extra measure of grace to me as I ministered to the churches.  The Institute class ended well with the men.  We will continue our studies in theology in May when I return to Romania for two weeks.

I have since traveled to the WOL Institute in Hungary for two weeks.  There are 78 students here representing 16 different countries!  I have interaction through chapels, men's devotions, and personal counseling with all of them, my primary responsibility is with the second-year students (24 students from Hungary, Brazil, Bosnia, Spain, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania, Serbia, Venezuela and the USA).  I am teaching World Religions which will prepare them as they go back to their own countries (or other mission fields of the world) to better interact with those who are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, or Animists.  This place is a "hotbed of potential" for the next generation of missionaries! Please pray for them that they would truly be equipped well.  Some of them are planning on some very difficult "needy" mission fields.  Two come from Muslim families and need the Lord's wisdom and grace for the future!   

The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Good things have been happening in the teen ministry.  Our average attendance had been running around 20 on Thursdays, but over the past month or so we have had over 25.  In early December, we had the privilege of taking the teen choir to two churches to sing.  Dave participated in the choir as well and played guitar for two of the songs.  Ruth was also planning to sing, but one of the teen girls became very ill and needed attention since we were too far away to return home.  A total of 15 teems participated, and they performed beautifully.  During the afternoon, we took them to the Christmas market in the city, and many went ice skating for the first time!  Also in early December, Dave was invited to bring some of the teens to hear a young member of the Romanian parliament speak.  At 27, he was one of the youngest members elected.  It was good for the young people to hear his testimony, not only of how the Lord led him into politics, but also about serving in parliament as a born again Christian.

On the Wednesday before Christmas, Ruth and the ladies on our team coordinated a short drama of the Christmas story, with the children and teens playing the characters.  Afterwards, Luke brought a short message, and each of the children received a gift bag.  Ruth takes special care to ensure that each child's bag has items that are suited for them. This take extra time in preparing the packets, but we know the children are appreciative.  On Christmas Eve, the teens sang in the service.  Attendance was strong as many parents came.  Since then we have seen several of the mothers come back.  Pray that they continue to come each Sunday.  With the new year, we took a short break from choir and resume practices in February.  Potter's Club is continuing on Tuesday afternoons.  We'll share more about this ministry in our next update. 

You may recall the well project from last year where we worked with the mayor's office to dig a new well in the Roma community in Luncsoara.  We were disappointed to learn that the well had fallen into disrepair and that someone had completely removed the hand pump in an attempt to repair it.  In late November when Luke and Dave were inviting people to come for the family photos we do for Christmas each year, they saw the state of the well.  People were actually climbing down into the service pit to fill their buckets with water directly from the supply line.  This was dangerous as the pit is nearly six feet deep, and it had 18 inches of water in the bottom.  Dave contacted the man who helped dig the well last year and arranged for him to come help.  The repairs were made and the pit secured.  We decided to use readily available parts so they can be easily replaced in the future.  Pray that the well can continue to be used especially during the winter months.  


- Serving with the teens in the choir

- Repairs made to the community well

- Celeste finished her first dual-enrollment class with an A

- Ruth's mom's successful back surgery on January 2


Prayer Requests

- Adults to keep coming Sundays; ongoing teen ministries

- Furlough preparations, housing, and caregiver for our dog

- Healing for Dave's dad's shoulder


In Him,

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


This time of year usually finds us in the big city, after our annual Field Conference, so want to update you on the ministry and family time over the holidays.  We hope you have had a good start to the New Year, enjoying God's goodness, blessings, and with confidence of what He has in store for you in the months ahead.

Having mentioned before of the evangelism outreach upriver last fall, the Piapoco team was able to return to the same village to train believers to also teach the gospel lessons.  Some of those new believers shared with us their burden to teach in a neighboring village.  Prayer is appreciated for the spread of the gospel in that area of the tribe.

The Lord gave us a special time with our daughter, Angela, and her kids, Steve and Alyssa in December.  From visiting the former mission school that Angela attended growing up, then an unforgettable trip to where the Ryan family live and work with the Chami people.  Some wonderful family memories were made, including a lovely Christmas in the Andean mountains.

The Piapocos of La Victoria asked us to spend more time out there, so in early January, Wayne and I went out to the prairies to reconnect with folks there and to teach and encourage the believers.  The leaders appreciated the daily time in the Word, and discussing church issues they face.

Eva and I made an interesting trip to a small nearby town to get some food supplies, and the ride back to the village had us hanging on for dear life.  One afternoon some of the ladies joined me for a sweet time of prayer, then on another day we met for a study on Our Identity in Christ.  They really profited by seeing, written down, the many blessings we have in Christ from just a few verses in Ephesians.  By using the revised version of the Piapoco New Testament, the people understand much better God's Word.  Please pray that the church elders will spend more time, outside of church meetings, teaching the believers fro spiritual growth and stability. 

Back in PI, Reinaldo and Roberto are moving ahead on finalizing the New Testament revision.  Thank the Lord with us that the First Baptist Church of Kenton, Ohio has taken on the translation project in order that the Piapoco people will have access to God's Message to them clearly in their heart language.  Wayne has finished checking over their work on the book of Hebrews during our time in Bogota.

The Field Conference was edifying, hearing great Bible teaching and enjoying fellowship with other missionaries.  Our guest speaker, Pastor Randy Weets from Panama, had visited us in the Piapoco tribe years ago as a teenager.  We were also blessed to have the Newtons and the Willcocks back, encouraging and challenging us all from the Word.

As we anticipate a short Home Assignment this year, we are working on getting our visas stamped into our new passports, before heading back to PI.  Lord willing, we hope to arrive in the US mid-May until January 2019. Although we will base out of Florida, near the mission HQ in Sanford, we plan to travel to visit as many as we can.

Thank you for praying for the Piapocos, that the believers will grow in grace and truth, and that more villages will have the opportunity to hear the clear gospel message.  Thank you, too, for praying for us, and for our family.  



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Dear Brethren at Kenton First Baptist Church,

We continue to grow in our understanding of our God who accomplishes more than we could ask or think and provides a satisfying contentment as we serve Him.  What a Savior!  Thank you for your part in what He is doing in and through our lives and ministry.  The ministry has gone well, and we thank those who pray for us on a continual basis. 
We recently received this note from Leroy Espitia.  Edwin is a teaching elder at the Tunai Church and Leroy Espitia, his son-in-law, teaches at the Bible Institute we planted.  Little did we know what wonderful things the Lord would do with our lives as we obediently went to Colombia.  The first church started in the Jaramillo home in Bogota.  There are now six churches in Bogota.
"Brother Leroy, we love you and are thankful to God that He used you (and Mary Lou) as instruments to save our family.  Thanks for everything. 
Thanks to all who pray for us and give to our ministry.  We are so blessed.
Leroy and Mary Lou

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
We will likely spend the next couple of months sorting out February - emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It was a month full of increasing ministry activities along with the blessings and challenges that brings.  A month of watching and helping some of our children wrestle with the old nature toward the new.  A month of physical exhaustion and insufficient sleep, yet still with the strength to get through the day.  Through it all, God has and is growing us. 
In early February, Ian and Rebekah went with the Rain Forest International School on their annual Spiritual Retreat.  Phoebe is trying out African hairstyles and is enjoying soccer again, but struggling a bit academically.  Heather participated in the Middle School Retreat by helping lead worship.  She has now taken on the task of helping the choir at church with vocal direction and performance.
The Home Discipleship groups at church are starting to grow and it is a blessing to see the "light come on" to Biblical truth and see the fellowship growing.  My one-on-one discipleship with a man from church is going well.
Please Pray for:
- Phoebe's learning and comprehension
- Heather as she undertakes the difficult and sensitive task of directing the choir
- Growth in the Home Discipleship groups and for the willingness of another man to accept the invitation to join the one-on-one discipleship meetings
- The family of Pastor Bixby and for his church in Fance, at his sudden death at the end of February

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
My dear partners in ministry,
I am honored to salute you in the precious name of Our King, Jesus Christ.  May His grace and peace fill your hearts and homes. Thank you for your prayers for Cheriu.  God continues to bring people to salvation.  Four people have joined the church through baptism, and now people are coming to church more often.
I would like to ask you to continue praying for the work in Halmasd and for a plan for property and a building.  The owner of the place where we currently gather has been allowing us to meet there in exchange for help with repairs to the building.  However, our desire is to purchase land and a building of our own.  Osorhei is doing well, and people are continuing to come to the services.
Wishing that the winter celebrations and the birth of Our Savior will fill your hearts with gladness.  I thank God for your generosity. 
For His Name,
Josef Teglas