First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania

Study to show thyself approved unto God!


Dear Praying Partners,

It was a great week in Romania at the "Spiritual Growth" Seminar.  I stayed at the Institute in Osorhei.  It was good to see and hear the sights and sounds of Roma life.  The group of men attending the seminary had such wonderful questions and discussions. They were also very faithful.  We were not able to finish all the material due to discussion times.  They have asked that we continue the course in a few months via Skype together. 

There were some very key people that the Lord brought to this seminar.  A man came from the village of Husasau de Cris.  We had attempted to start a church in that village about 13 years ago.  We were there every week for almost a year.  Though it seemed to start well, it became clear to us at the time that we would not be able to continue with that work.  This man remembers our time there but was not yet saved.  He has since come to know the Lord and the Lord has burdened him to get training to go back and start a work in that village.  There is still no church there so it is ideal that he do this.  We would still work with him, train him, encourage, pray, counsel, and help him.  What better way to start a church than by "starting" with a national leader.  What we are doing now in our ministry is key to church-planting. 

I was able to preach in six churches and each were a blessing in their own right.  Several are planning to be baptized at their first baptism the day after Easter. We had ten students attending the course.  I had prayed for ten students when I was in the states and the Lord gave us ten.

It was an additional blessing for me to be able to touch base with each of the BMM missionaries on Team Romania.  What a blessing they are to me and I realize how much I miss them since we've moved from the Romanian field. 

Please Pray for:

- The national leaders

- Me as I teach "World Religions" at Word of Life among students from ten countries worldwide


The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

We had a beautiful Easter morning as we celebrated in Luncsoara.  Several young moms, teens and their younger siblings attended the service.  Please pray for those who came forward to understand their need of salvation and that they would not delay in asking the Lord to forgive their sings and receive the free gift of eternal life. 

We are thankful for the Mackey family who responded to our call for helpers to serve alongside our team this summer during VBS. We are also praising God for our new two-year visas.  We spent several weeks waiting for a document from the government agency that handles religious organizations.  It was stressful as the days went by and we were approaching the deadline.  God worked it out and the visas were renewed - but only for two years and not the five, but we are thankful we can remain here without interruption.

Please Pray For:

- Ongoing healing for Ruth's back and that the tingling would stop

- Navigating the process of obtaining new driver's licenses

- The new Potter's Club ministry to teens

- The Mackey family as they come to help with VBS - that their time here would be fruitful, especially in the lives of their three girls


You are an integral part in this ministry. Thank you!

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


We recently visited the village of La Victoria once again.  The church leaders joined Wayne in a study of John 17, the prayer of Jesus.  They really appreciated delving deeper into God's Word.  What a joy to see Emilio once again walking with the Lord.  He said that the Lord had disciplined him in love, and although he still has health issues, he desires to serve the Lord with his life.  His wife, Yolanda, joined the other ladies in sudying the Word and we looked at verses that reflect God's character and His love toward us.  Then each shared prayer requests, and spent time praying for one another.  We had a profitable time with the La Victoria believers, thanks to the Lord!  Thank you for praying for them and for those unsaved yet seeking the Lord and hearing His Word. 

The Jungle Team also plans to teach the Gospel lessons in May in a village about a day's travel by river.  The village leaders have asked the team to come and teach them, and we trust that they will respond to God's Word and place their trust in Christ only for salvation.

In the village where the gospel team taught last, the people were quite steeped in magic and witchcraft and most refused to attend the teaching sessions.  However, one of the leaders and his 13-year old grandson attended all the 54 sessions and openly delcard their faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel.  Praise the Lord.  We are continuing with Bible teaching for adults and children, and writing Bible materials in Piapoco.  Please pray for direction on teaching the hundreds of unsaved Piapocos in the various neighborhoods near this town.  Please continue to pray for the publication of the Piapoco New Testament.  There are still seven books to be checked by the consultant.

Our youngest daughter, Donna, is expecting their third child.  Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and little one. She and PJ have begun learning the Chami language and culture.  Their girls, Evye and Lily, enjoy interaction with the Chami children and being homeschooled.  Thank you for praying for them.  Pray also for our daughter, Angela's trip with her two children to visit us this summer.  We look forward to the family time.  Your prayers and support help make this ministry possible.  Thanks for caring!




Joe & Jenny Mifsud - Malta

Baptist Mid-Missions
"...they knew that the island was called Melita." (Acts 28:1)

Dear Praying Friends,

Our Gozo congregation was somewhat saddened to see the young couple who were saved through the ministry of the Bible Baptist Church, Malta, who helped start the Bible Study, Dan and Nikki, move back to the United Kingdom.  They have settled there and Dan has applied to pursue Seminary training for possible future ministry.  The Malta church and Gozo Bible Study will be glad to have missionaries Josh and Erica Burrill with us soon and are praying and looking forward to their arrival.  Josh visited in March to visit with the church famly he will be working with. 

Preliminary building works on a small scale have continued on the lower level of the church building, and work has begun on the upper levels to make the building accessible for the disabled.  There have been delays due to government regulations.

Please Pray for:

- Dan and Nikki as they seek to reach people for Christ in the south of England

- The evangelistic outreach and the Wednesday Gozo Bible Study, and for us as we continue leading the Gozo ministry.

-The Burrills as they continue to raise support

- Our health, our family in the States and wisdom for the ministry.  This June will mark 10 years since moving back to Malta.



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Greetings in Christ,

We have had a wonderful winter and spring serving the Lord in Florida, January through April.  The Lord provided many opportunties to teach in churches and to various men's groups.
Leroy is currently working with Pastor Henry Duarte in Columbia to establish a new church in the central part of the Capitol City, Bogota.  A venue is rented, chairs purchased and Sunday morning meetings are ongoing. 
We are planning a trip to Cuba or Mexico once again in 2017.  An elder from the church we attend will accompany Leroy to minister in various ways to both the adults and children, but especially to pastors.
Thanks to you who have a part of the ministry the Lord has given to us.  It has been a wonderful 38-year journey and we look forward to what the Lord has for the future.  He has done things that were far and beyond what we could have dreamed.  May the Lord bless you as you pray and stand with us financially in the ministry.

Serving the Soon-Coming Lord Jesus,

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
We will likely spend the next couple of months sorting out February - emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It was a month full of increasing ministry activities along with the blessings and challenges that brings.  A month of watching and helping some of our children wrestle with the old nature toward the new.  A month of physical exhaustion and insufficient sleep, yet still with the strength to get through the day.  Through it all, God has and is growing us. 
In early February, Ian and Rebekah went with the Rain Forest International School on their annual Spiritual Retreat.  Phoebe is trying out African hairstyles and is enjoying soccer again, but struggling a bit academically.  Heather participated in the Middle School Retreat by helping lead worship.  She has now taken on the task of helping the choir at church with vocal direction and performance.
The Home Discipleship groups at church are starting to grow and it is a blessing to see the "light come on" to Biblical truth and see the fellowship growing.  My one-on-one discipleship with a man from church is going well.
Please Pray for:
- Phoebe's learning and comprehension
- Heather as she undertakes the difficult and sensitive task of directing the choir
- Growth in the Home Discipleship groups and for the willingness of another man to accept the invitation to join the one-on-one discipleship meetings
- The family of Pastor Bixby and for his church in Fance, at his sudden death at the end of February

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
Psalm 63:3 Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
Dear Brothers in Christ,
Thank you for your giving.  We have started this year together to fight on the side of the Living Truth that the lost people will find salvation in Christ; those who are sick to find healing, the oppressed will find deliverance; the hungry and thirsty will find spiritual food and the living water and the sinners will find forgiveness.
Please Pray
- for us this month as we will have a two-week Bible Training Course taught by Tim Fink
- for Halmasd Village, that the Lord will soften the people's hearts
- for the church in Cheriu who needs our prayers in their maturity growth
For His Name,
Josef Teglas