First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania 

Dear Praying Partners,


In a previous prayer letter report, we informed you that the School of Church Planting ministry, which has been in existence for over 30 years, would be coming under the leadership of the PEP Team.  In June, the entire PEP team attended the first track in Virginia - "Launching Healthy Churches."  The leaders of the School of Church Planting (SCP) will continue to serve as consultants for this next year.  However, the PEP team will be responsible for the planning of 2019's seminar with the second track.  The focus will be "Growing Healthy Churches and Revitalizing Struggling Ones."


Please pray that the Lord would provide a "SCP Coordinator" to join the team.  These two seminars are so critical for the training of well qualified church planters.


Please pray that the Lord would give the PEP team His wisdom regarding the future!  We want the Lord to be glorified through this ministry.


We are now considered "official" with the Bibles International ministry.  This will involve a lot of commuting for Tim.  August was a busy time for BI because it is the month for their Annual Consultant Seminar in Grand Rapids, their Annual Meeting and the BI Annual Retreat held up at the Shack in Jugville, MI. 


Please pray that we will rely on His grace every day!


This summer has been one of the busiest summers that we have had for awhile.  In addition to the training seminar with the SCP, Tim went to several conferences and trainings, visited five supporting church ministries, a PEP annual meeting, college shopping for our son, and lots of commuting in order to transition into the Bibles International ministry. 


The summer has been a time for Tim to learn as much as he could through meetings with the interim director about the Bibles International ministry.


Please pray for us as we transition into this work, and pray for our continued adjunct role with the PEP ministry.  There are trips scheduled this next year in Asia, Europe and Africa.


Please pray for God's grace to sustain.  Also, we ask you to pray for some of our translators who are in the process of translating teaching materials into the language of the countries that we will be in.  There are now seven different translation projects being worked on for Tim's PEP teaching trips.  The translators are in need of our prayers!


The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,


But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed.  All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:5-6)


One of the hardest things about being a missionary is saying goodbye.  We have become keenly aware of this over the part months as we said goodbye to our friends and co-workers in Romania and returned to the States only to make new acquaintances that are only temporary.  We know a difficult goodbye awaits when Celeste stays behind for college.  As missionaries we long for more time to linger and fellowship, but time is short, and our tasks in this period of transition are many. 

Our last few weeks in Romania were spent in a flurry of activity.  Celeste finished her orthodontic treatment and had her wisdom teeth removed in two separate operations.  After the girls finished school, we had two weeks left to pack and say goodbye.  During that time, we enjoyed Celeste's High School Graduation, senior pictures, graduation party, and farewell party with Romanian friends.  We also celebrated Amber's 15th birthday.  We found some friends to take care of our dog, Peanut, as well.

One change in Celeste's life has been learning to drive.  In Romania, it is much more difficult to obtain a license, and you cannot begin the process until you are 18, thus she had to wait until our return to begin learning.  She had completed her Driver's Ed and with some more practice, she'll take her test.



- Safe return to the States and time with family and friends

- Celeste's completion of Driver's Ed

- Opportunity for all of us to attend a Debriefing Seminar


Prayer Requests

- Celeste began classes at Cedarville University on August 22

- For Amber as she adapts to life without her big sister

- Stamina as we continue to travel and report

- For a family in Luncsoara whose home burned


In Him,

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


Since leaving Colombia for eight months of Home Assignment, we are experiencing how hectic life in the U.S. can be.  At the same time, we are thankful to connect with family and renew friendships face to face.

News from Colombia:  Both good and sad.  The Lady Piapoco teachers were excited to continue teaching the new believers, establishing the ladies in the faith, and continuing to teach the Gospel to any who are seeking Christ.  A month ago, one of the teachers, Amanda, became quite sick, along with her husband, Sergio, a leader at the local church, and had to be flown to the capital city for treatment. Thankfully they have improved and are back home.  However, we received word that the young wife of one of the church leaders in LV village passed away, from complicated health problems.  Please pray for Orlando, and his 4 children, to be comforted with the knowledge of seeing their dear Patricia again one day, now with the Lord. 

It's now Rainy Season in the rain forest, and the rivers and creeks have overflowed their banks.  In the jungle town where we live, many homes have been affected, and even cell towers were damaged.  Thank you for praying for the situation here. 

Bible Translation Projects:  The Piapoco translators have finished the draft of the revised New Testament, praise the Lord.  The translation consultant has several books to check over to approve the publication and has recently approved II Corinthians.

Reynaldo, the other translator, is in another town working with a group who are producing a DVD, narrated in Piapoco of the life of Christ from the book of Luke.  Praise the Lord for these Bible materials for the Piapoco people in their own language. 

Wayne continues to check spelling and set punctuation of the Piapoco New Testament getting it ready for publication while here in the states.  He has finished the book of Mark and most of Luke.  We look forward to having all this work completed and the New Testament ready to be published next year. There has been new interest in translating the remainder of the Old Testament into Piapoco.  Thank you for praying for this important work, so that the Piapoco people can have a clear translation of God's Word, that speaks to their hearts. 

Family update:  What a blessing to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends in June!  The Lord gave us a wonderful celebration.  We are happy to announce that our son, Jeff, exchanged marriage vows with Tanya at the end of July, with Wayne officiating.  What a blessing, too, that our first great-grandson is on the way to Kayla and Brett, giving little Kalissa a baby brother.  Thank the Lord for a healthy pregnancy this time.  The baby is due in October.

In mid-January, we head back to Colombia and PI, for probably one more term.  Please pray for our time home and travels, that we may be a blessing and encouragement to others, and to have quality time with family, including all our many grandchildren. 



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Dear Brethren at Kenton First Baptist Church,

Serving the Lord is a long and sacrificial life in many ways, but in other ways it is a glorious service for the One and only Lord of Lords.  We thank the Lord that we have had the privilege of serving in missions for these last thirty years.  We trust to continue as long a the Lord permits.  Thanks be to and for the churches and individuals who have, with the Lord's help, given sacrificially to keep us in the ministry.
Thank you also for your prayers.  You have stood by us through these years with prayer when we have had health problems and when we had to seek the Lord for His wisdom in making many changes. 
Currently we are ministering here in the Dayton, Ohio area where the Lord has given open doors.  There are recent changes in Cuba, so we don't know what the future holds there.  We have many churches and loved ones that we minister to long distance and in prayer.  Mexico is still in mind and we ask that you pray with us regarding a trip there to an area south of Mexico City. 
This is an informational letter but we desire to celebrate with you regarding the Lord coming into this world as a human baby to give His life a ransom for our salvation.  His birth was a wonder but His living a sinless life whereby He condemned sin in the flesh, and died on a cross and giving His mortal life so that we through faith in His death, burial and resurrection might have eternal life.  What a wonder of wonders.  We will only understand the fullness of our salvation when we stand in His presence, immortal and incorruptible. 
Leroy and Mary Lou

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
Rainy season came early.  A month early.  That is not bad, just unusual.  The dry season seemed particularly harsh, so the early rains have been a blessing to the many who count on their small plots to provide food for the family.  Even with the heavy, sticky mud it brings, I prefer the rainy season; things "green" up and you can't beat the sound of rain on a tin roof for relaxation, focus and drowning out the sounds of city life. 
The change in seasons always seem to bring illness.  For our family, we had our first official case of malaria; Rebekah was down for several days and missed a couple of soccer games as a result.  She is now doing well, and we are thankful.  Heather and Phoebe also came down with something similar to strep throat.  That passed, but Heather seems to be plagued with an occasional itchy rash of unknown origin. 
Recently I had an opportunity to preach on being a husband and wife after God's own heart.  I also preached again in Olembe.  Often what we teach is counter-cultural, and we need to be sure that our teaching is understandable to Cameroonians.  By God's grace (and that of my family) I have finished my first M.Div. class.  The information I learned is excellent, yet I'm struggling with its practical application to every day ministry in Cameroon.  I'm hopeful that future courses will have a clearer direct application to the work of the ministry.  I will not be taking any courses over the summer to focus on the full calendar of ministry activities already planned. 
Last summer, I was introduced to a pastor from the English speaking portion of Cameroon.  We have struck up  a friendship and I am watching his work to see if there is a potential for future partnership.  His work is near Bamenda where there is a very dangerous ongoing situation between the government and separatists who want to form their own country, 
Please Pray for:
- that we can identify the cause for Heather's rash and get it treated
- for us as we minister in this culture
- for Pastor Gwe, his family, his church and for God's guidance as we see how any future partnership may develop

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
My dear partners in ministry,
I am honored to salute you in the precious name of Our King, Jesus Christ.  May His grace and peace fill your hearts and homes. Thank you for your prayers for Cheriu.  God continues to bring people to salvation.  Four people have joined the church through baptism, and now people are coming to church more often.
I would like to ask you to continue praying for the work in Halmasd and for a plan for property and a building.  The owner of the place where we currently gather has been allowing us to meet there in exchange for help with repairs to the building.  However, our desire is to purchase land and a building of our own.  Osorhei is doing well, and people are continuing to come to the services.
Wishing that the winter celebrations and the birth of Our Savior will fill your hearts with gladness.  I thank God for your generosity. 
For His Name,
Josef Teglas