First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Romania 

Dear Praying Partners,


One of the blessings of this trip was to once again see many of our BI consultants in Asia, including new ones that Tim had not yet had the opportunity to meet.  This was Tim's first time to attend an Asia Consultant Seminar in India.  Tim contributed by teaching a five-part daily series on "The Heart Attitude of a Consultant."  This was to focus on the inner man (heart) of the consultant as foundational for doing God's work.

The ACS in India was a time of spiritual growth for everyone.  Tim had many opportunities to meet with individuals and groups while there.  Pray that all those who are active with BI in various roles would be unified, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and filled with wisdom as the Word of God is accurately translated into many languages.

This trip to India included a PEP teaching trip with BI senior consultant, Sana Singh, to the Ranglong people in Zoitang in the state of Tripura.  Together Tim and Sana taught about 35-40 leaders Principles of Spiritual Growth.  Those who serve with our BI Bible translation team were also able to attend the seminar, as well as the Read & Review Committee members.  They serve by checking all the work that our translation team does.  We praise the Lord that we can combine both our BI and PEP ministries with the same people group in India.  


The Fink Family



The Kimmel Family - Romania

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,


But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed.  All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:5-6)


One of the hardest things about being a missionary is saying goodbye.  We have become keenly aware of this over the part months as we said goodbye to our friends and co-workers in Romania and returned to the States only to make new acquaintances that are only temporary.  We know a difficult goodbye awaits when Celeste stays behind for college.  As missionaries we long for more time to linger and fellowship, but time is short, and our tasks in this period of transition are many. 

Our last few weeks in Romania were spent in a flurry of activity.  Celeste finished her orthodontic treatment and had her wisdom teeth removed in two separate operations.  After the girls finished school, we had two weeks left to pack and say goodbye.  During that time, we enjoyed Celeste's High School Graduation, senior pictures, graduation party, and farewell party with Romanian friends.  We also celebrated Amber's 15th birthday.  We found some friends to take care of our dog, Peanut, as well.

One change in Celeste's life has been learning to drive.  In Romania, it is much more difficult to obtain a license, and you cannot begin the process until you are 18, thus she had to wait until our return to begin learning.  She had completed her Driver's Ed and with some more practice, she'll take her test.



- Safe return to the States and time with family and friends

- Celeste's completion of Driver's Ed

- Opportunity for all of us to attend a Debriefing Seminar


Prayer Requests

- Celeste began classes at Cedarville University on August 22

- For Amber as she adapts to life without her big sister

- Stamina as we continue to travel and report

- For a family in Luncsoara whose home burned


In Him,

Dave, Ruth, Celeste, and Amber



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Colombia


Warm greetings from Puerto Iirida, Guainia, Colombia.

Rainy season has now arrived and we are enjoying a bit more pleasant temps, thanks to the Lord.  This past weekend, we finished the Bible teacher training workshop in Cucurital, and Limonar villages.  We now have 4  new lady teachers and one male teacher, although we started out with 11 women and one man.  We thank the Lord for the new Bible teachers and for the love and care shown to them by the experienced Piapoco teachers, both male and female, as they helped them through the training process.

It's been a good while since the last translation update, so I'll pass on the latest.  Reynaldo and Roberto have finished their part of the NT translation process along with the funds.  Thank you all at First Baptist for providing that help for them to finish the translation.  From time to time I need to work with Rey to make corrections to the texts regarding some words I can't recognize due to misspelling, or are new to me.  It's been great learning new words, and Rey helps me do that.

Currently, both Rey and Roberto are working for me writing a commentary in Piapoco on the books of Daniel and Revelation.  Rey is translating Daniel scriptures as he writes the commentary.  They are using a good resource in Spanish from a dear brother, whom I've met from Barcelona, Spain, who has written several commentaries on NT books, and Daniel, to accompany Revelation.  They told me they are really learning a lot through the process and are enjoying doing it.  We hope the commentaries will be a great resource for the church leaders and Bible teachers.  I am still plugging away at the checking process.  The spell check on the NT is done, and about 85% of the punctuation and hyphenization is finished.  It should be done soon.  However, I found out I also need to check the formatting markers in the text.  This will entail going over the NT again for that check.  So, my new goal for finishing all of it is some time in July, if not sooner.  Then, I want to send the formatted text to a professional formatter in Sanford, FL to prepare the NT as a .pdf file to send to the printer.  I will soon contact the guy to see when he can get to it.

Thank you, dear Prayer Warriors, for remembering us and the Piapocos and standing with us in prayer. 

Just a quick update on the latest:

1.  Prayer for continued progress on finishing the Piapoco New Testament details for printing.

2.  Prayer for the Piapoco Team to leave mid June for a village that have asked for Evangelism Teaching.  A trip to another village may be made in November, during the school break.

3.  Praise for the four new Bible teachers that were recently recognized in church and presented with Bible lesson materials.  Pray for ministry opportunities for them to give them some experience, alongside the teaching team.

4.  Pray for our grandson, Jared, in the military and once again, in harm's way.  He is to return home this month.

5.  Pray that our daughter, Karen, will be granted the summer vacation with her three sons.  


Wayne & Patsy 



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters


Dear Brethren at Kenton First Baptist Church,

We continually rejoice in the privilege the Lord has given us in serving Him in missions.  Opportunities are abundant and we stay busy with involvement in the ministry the Lord has opened to us. 
We thank the Lord for the two new church plants in Duitama and Boyaca, Colombia.  They are doing well and growing in numbers.  The Colombian ministry is growing and there is an upcoming conference of the churches we were privileged by the Lord in starting.  The Bible Institute is having a number of graduates with a desire to be involved in starting new churches.
What a blessing for the impact we have had with the Cuban churches.  Their ministries with children, adults, and youth are very active.  We pray that the Lord will keep the doors open.  It is a delicate balance doing the Lord's work under difficult government situations. 
Leroy and Mary Lou

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
Furlough planning is going well.  We have booked our flights for our return to the U.S. and the majority of church visits have been scheduled.  We have contacted an agency that rents cars for missionary use and have a car reserved for our travels within the U.S.  However, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY that a car would be provided to save the expense of renting one; and that we would find a family to rent our house in Yaounde during our absence.  Two families inquired about the home, but so far, we do not have an offer. 
There have been recent concerns over stability during the presidential elections. President Paul Biya was re-elected, and we were thankful that there were only limited problems.  Heather received word that a dear childhood friend lost her battle with cancer.  Then the next day we heard about a missionary in the Northwest region of Cameroon being shot and killed.  We are heartbroken for the Wesco family and their ministry partners and are praying fervently for them in their time of grief and shock.  The entire missionary community feels their pain because this is the nightmare that all missionaries fear; arriving on the field only to have a tragic event remove you.  Although we do not know them personally, we have been impacted emotionally, and we continue to pray for God's peace, healing and leading for these families in the days to come.
The crisis in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon has persisted for two years and it is unfortunate that it took this tragedy to bring a greater international awareness.  We pray that the fighting will not escalate; too many lives have been lost already.  We ask you to pray fervently for peace.  To be clear, however, what has happened does not change our ministry in Yaounde.  At this time the fighting is only in these regions and remote from the capital city.  We are distressed over the unrest and pray continuously with our Cameroonian brothers and sisters that true peace would come to the Northwest and Southwest.  Please pray for Cameroon, pray for peace, pray that lives would be changed by the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Brian & Heather 

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
My dear partners in ministry,
In November, we were in Lille, France, for three days preaching the Gospel.  Then in Antwerpen, Belgium, there was a sick man who was very weak.  He wanted to be saved and baptized, after which he was strengthened to praise the Lord. 
For His Name,
Josef Teglas

Randy and Kari Teachout - The Pines, Welkom, South AfricaTeachouts
Dear Friends and loved ones,
We are profoundly grateful for God's faithfulness and the role you have played in our ministry here at The Pines.  While we try to take every opportunity to communicate our gratitude to each of you for your prayers and financial support, we thought we would take time to send a special "thank you". 
These past months have seen us through some challenges, interesting struggles and amazing progress.  We've weathered the cold, the winds, the dryness, and the sweltering heat, and we are as convinced as ever that God wants us here.  The kids did well through their first half of school, managing to overcome the newness of the school, the strangeness of their surroundings, and the challenges of unfamiliar customs, accents and clothing.  Each fulfilled their academic requirements sufficiently to be passed on to the next grade and will do better next year if only because they will have been here for a whole year. 
Our friends, family members and loved ones that we are far from in body, we are very close to in spirit.  We are comforted by the fact that we serve the same God who shows us His love through the love and support that you all provide so faithfully.  Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. 

In Christ, 
Randy and Kari Teachout
Ambassadors International Ministries, Inc.
AIMI - South Africa

keeton family photoThe Keetons - Papua New Guinea
So much has happened over the past few months.  It's been amazing to see how the Lord has guided and directed our steps to bring us to where He wants us to be.  As you know, we came to PNG with the intention of serving our tribal missionaries in the Eastern Region of the country, based out of the small town of Hoskins.  During our eight-week orientation time at our mission's main headquarters in the Goroka Valley, our leadership team began looking into the needed ministries at Hoskins and here in our Lapilo Center headquarters.  They realized that the current dynamics of our supply ministries showed a greater need here in supply for our missionaries in the Goroka Valley and beyond.  From here we are serving not only the tribal church planters of the Central Region, but also the Eastern Region where we had looked to work when we came, all of the support personnel in the country and those of several other mission organizations that use our store to fill their daily needs.
There are seven national workers helping this ministry, and Marc gets to interact directly with them daily to see that everything runs smoothly.  Alison is excited that she has been asked to work at the front desk of the medical center located here at our Lapilo Center.  Their clinic has three doctors and many nurses who serve not only our mission family, but other missions and the local national community as well.  She works just one day a week for now, as she learns about her new job, with the plan to fill in more over the summer and next school year once all of the kids are in school.  Staying at our central base gives us the opportunity to serve a larger number of missionaries, and really is not a change in ministry, just a change in location.  We are excited to be able to fill in these much-needed roles, and look forward to all that God will allow us to be a part of in the months and years to come.
Serving here at our mission headquarters also helps our family in many ways, especially the future schooling needs of our children.  With the tougher High School years here for Andrew and looming for Brandon, we understood that Andrew needed more instruction than Alison was able to give him to really excel in his studies.  This change gives him the chance to work with teachers that specialize in the studies he needs.  We are excited that the boys will have the chance to begin full-time at our mission school.  
In His Service,
Marc and Alison Keeton
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