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Updates from our Missionaries


Tim and Sandy Fink - Bibles International 

Dear Praying Partners,


We want to thank you for your prayers.  After Tim having commuted each week to the BI office in Michigan this past year, our goal now is to make the transition to move to Grand Rapids.  Our son, Daniel, will be going to college in August.  Please Pray that God would provide us a house that will meet our needs.

Chad:  Lately there has been a recurring issue of Bibles or New Testaments being held up at customs.  In each case, with much prayer we have seen them released the day before (or even hours before) the dedication.  Praise God that He answers prayer.  We have seen this happen in Myanmar, Chad, Mali, and even the USA in the past six months.  We thank the Lord for His grace with the completion of one of those translation projects - the Dagba New Testament in Chad.  This project took twenty years to complete.  The Dagba believers hungered for the Bible to be translated into their mother tongue.  God answered their prayers!

During those two decades of tedious labor, the main translator lost his sight, and his assistant went home to be with the Lord.  But God was faithful.  In 2018 the New Testament was completed, printed, and after being held up in customs for several months, the Dabga people received the answer to their prayers and rejoiced!  A group of 500 Dagba believers gave God the glory.

Songhay New Testament Project in Mali:  Please pray for the Songhay people that they would use what the Lord has provided for them.  This New Testament is the first one to be published by BI with illustrations.  About thirty people traveled for three days to join the 500 others who attended the dedication.  Pray that God would bring forth eternal fruit as the New Testament is used for His glory.  They battle the rulers of darkness. 


The Fink Family



Wayne & Patsy Gibson - Ethnos 360, Colombia


Warm greetings from Puerto Inirida, Guainia, Colombia.


The team that went up river to teach the gospel returned last week.  The lady teachers finished the foundational lessons of the gospel with the group of ladies of the village and 15 of them clearly expressed their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, three of the new believers expressed their desire to be trained to teach other ladies and children these lessons.  Praise the Lord!

For six days a week, the lady teachers taught the ladies group in the mornings and in the afternoons, taught the kids the foundational lessons to understanding the gospel designed for children.  Also in the afternoon, the men teachers started the foundational teaching to a group of men.  The team plans to return to that village in June to finish the gospel lessons to the men and also train the new lady teachers to teach others.  We are working on a letter about this and will send it out soon. 


Wayne & Patsy 



Leroy and Mary Lou Peters, Ethnos 360 Midwest Regional Representatives


Dear Brethren at Kenton First Baptist Church,

Thank you for praying for and supporting the ministry the Lord has given us.  We both have had recent difficult health problems, but the Lord has been faithful in getting us proper care.  Both of us have found His and are thankful to Him.
Leroy's weekly Bible Study with several men has been well attended, as he teached the letter of joy to the Philippians.  One of the men being discipled is Henry in Bogota.  He grew much in his understanding of the Scriptures during our time there and now via the Internet.  We are in constant contact with him and his small group of Colombians which form a new church plant.  Henry tells us that this year they began a study in the book of Luke.  He has gradually explained the plan of salvation to the new attenders, and those who are believers are increasingly growing firm and convinced that they had been badly taught.  They are now learning the Word of God correctly.  Henry says he is very thankful for our notes and lessons which are very helpful to him.  Our teaching has helped him a lot in his teaching others.  He is organizing the topics that we sent so that he will be able to use them in a study with these men. 
We have been given a ministry among the Latins of several countries but are still concerned about the tribal works the mission is involved with.  Many of the servants with Ethnos 360 are laboring in difficult tribal locations around the globe.  The Lord is moving and many of the workers are seeing indigenous people come to Him as well as local churches being started.  
Thank you from our hearts for your financial giving and prayers. 
Leroy and Mary Lou

MacPhail FauseyBrian & Heather MacPhail-Fausey
Baptist Mid-Missions, Cameroon
Furlough planning is going well.  We have booked our flights for our return to the U.S. and the majority of church visits have been scheduled.  We have contacted an agency that rents cars for missionary use and have a car reserved for our travels within the U.S.  However, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY that a car would be provided to save the expense of renting one; and that we would find a family to rent our house in Yaounde during our absence.  Two families inquired about the home, but so far, we do not have an offer. 
There have been recent concerns over stability during the presidential elections. President Paul Biya was re-elected, and we were thankful that there were only limited problems.  Heather received word that a dear childhood friend lost her battle with cancer.  Then the next day we heard about a missionary in the Northwest region of Cameroon being shot and killed.  We are heartbroken for the Wesco family and their ministry partners and are praying fervently for them in their time of grief and shock.  The entire missionary community feels their pain because this is the nightmare that all missionaries fear; arriving on the field only to have a tragic event remove you.  Although we do not know them personally, we have been impacted emotionally, and we continue to pray for God's peace, healing and leading for these families in the days to come.
The crisis in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon has persisted for two years and it is unfortunate that it took this tragedy to bring a greater international awareness.  We pray that the fighting will not escalate; too many lives have been lost already.  We ask you to pray fervently for peace.  To be clear, however, what has happened does not change our ministry in Yaounde.  At this time the fighting is only in these regions and remote from the capital city.  We are distressed over the unrest and pray continuously with our Cameroonian brothers and sisters that true peace would come to the Northwest and Southwest.  Please pray for Cameroon, pray for peace, pray that lives would be changed by the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Brian & Heather 

Pastor Josef Teglas - RomaniaJosif and family
My dear partners in ministry,
In November, we were in Lille, France, for three days preaching the Gospel.  Then in Antwerpen, Belgium, there was a sick man who was very weak.  He wanted to be saved and baptized, after which he was strengthened to praise the Lord. 
For His Name,
Josef Teglas

Randy and Kari Teachout - The Pines Christian Care Center for Children, Welkom, South AfricaTeachouts
Dear praying partners,
I hope you all are surviving the winter blues and getting ready for spring.  It seems, from FB posts we've seen, that winter has kind of been all over the place this year - heavy rains, spring-like weather, very cold and snowy and everything in between.  The weather here has been unusually mild this summer on this side of the equator.  We've had about two months of off and on rain, which is longer than it usually stays around.  The rains and storms have kept it from being as hot as we've seen it here, as well.  The really nice thing is that everything is green, and we've not had to water at all for the past month plus.  It did mean more mowing by yours truly as the boys who normally do that were away visiting family.
There's a lot of news to share.  Kari just sent a letter not too long ago and she usually hits the things that concern her, like education and kids' stuff (ours and the Pines), so I won't repeat the things she shared.  My plate has been full of other things.  The garden has gone crazy with this much rain.  Our one gardener does a good job most of the year, but with this much rain the weeds become overwhelming.  On top of that, we've had some problems with mildew and a certain  maize beetle, which in the bane of my existence this time of year.  Those particular beetles are very prolific and attack the corn and the melon flowers.  They hit us hard last year and we had trouble with mildew last year, as well. 
Over the holidays, because of rainy days, I got to spend quite a bit of time in my wood shop down in the Lower Building.  I should be able to start getting some wood projects going as time allows.  After the holidays were over, now that we've gotten back into the swing of normal workdays, the biggest thing on my plate has been getting ready to put the 'new' to us playground that we brought from Bible Baptist Church.  It's been an interesting process.  We wanted to get everything ready so that when Justing Sytsma and his family get here in early February, we could hit the ground running. 
Another thing that is rapidy coming up is putting in the water dam that we've been raising money for.  Phil told me this week that all the money came in for that project.  And we've gotten news from our Colorado office that quite a bit of money has come in for the other things we are wanting. 
Beyond all the work with these current projects, there are a number of runs to Joburg and back coming up.  In ten days, we'll take two of our Pines kids up to Word of Life for their year of Bible Study.  You can be praying for Maria and Mokhosi as they discover their new home, become acquainted with new people, and get used to new schedules and responsibilities.  I'll be transporting the Sytsmas to the Pines from the airport in February and back again a month later.  They are a family from Michigan that we are looking forward to hosting as they help out for a month.  Justin came last February with a team of men from Wyoming Park Bible Church.  He is very involved in construction, so I'm very much looking forward to his help for the month. 
We're also slowly getting plans ready for our upcoming furlough next June.  We've firmed some things up, as far as the schedule goes, and some things are still up in the air.  God has made it possible for us to spend two weeks in France on our way back.  We will fly out of here at 9:30 AM on Saturday the 13th of June and land in Paris late that day.  The next day, we will attend the Baptist church in Savigny, a church that we had much doings with when I lived in France MANY years aso.  One of my best friends from my teenage years attends there.  We'll head over to Nancy the next day and see many friends from my high school years.  Toward the end of the week, we'll go to Bordeaux to see my cousin and his missionary work and we'll hope to see Val, the young man who lived with us for a while back in 2014.  The end of the trip will be up North, as we plan to spend some time on the Normandy beaches and see the D-Day battlefields.  We'll fly out of Paris on June 29th after seeing some of the sights on that last weekend.  That'll put us in Indiana for the month of July.  We'll be at Bible Baptist on July 5th, Oakland Christian Church on the 12th, Heather Hills Baptist on the following weekend and then in Marion.  We will head up to Michigan by way of Kenton, Ohio so we can stop and visit BJ and Lisa Thomsen and the church where they are ministering.  We get to spend much of August in Michigan with my parents as we visit our supporting churches in that area.  We're still working on the rest of the schedule, but it will probably include a trip over to Southwest Wisconsin to see Kari's family over the Labor Day holiday before we head back here in early September.  That's it in a nutshell, as we know it.  We are so much looking forward to seeing many of you and wish we could see everyone.  We'd love to be able to thank you all individually for your involvement here at The Pines.  We love the team that God has given us to be a part of!
Thanks for your prayers for us over the holidays.  We had a lovely time but are excited to be back doing more normal things.  And thanks for the many notes and comments on things we post and emails we send.  It truly is encouraging to hear from you. 

In Christ, 
Randy and Kari Teachout
Ambassadors International Ministries, Inc.
AIMI - South Africa

keeton family photoThe Keetons, Ethnos 360 - Papua New Guinea
We've been here in Papua New Guinea for over nine months now, and have settled into a pretty good routine.  We are so thankful for your prayers as we find that PNG is becoming more and more like home.  The kids are in their final term of their first full year of homeschooling to now being back in a formal school setting.  They are doing well, but we would still appreciate your prayers as the work load is a bit more than they are used to.  We are excited that the container carrying a pallet of our belongings from America has arrived!  It seems like a trivial thing when God has provided for our needs so well during our time in PNG, and we do not take that for granted.  But it's nice to have a few of our personal items with us to help our new home feel more that way.  Thank you for your prayers for its safe arrival, and praise that God provided the funds to cover the cost that was incurred with shipping these items. 
Our ministry here is keeping us very busy.  Marc, once again, finds himself the main manager of the store and supply ministry, as his co-worker has taken on the much needed ministry of running our Center's Guesthouse for a time. He enjoys the work, but would appreciate your prayers as some days it's a lot to keep track of, between keeping things stocked in the store and making sure that our bush missionaries' supplies make it to the flights to their locations.  We are thankful for our PNG co-workers that help him keep things going, Alison is still enjoying her time in the clinic.  We are very thankful for our medical staff that is here to keep us healthy and able to do the ministries that God has called us to.  She is looking forward to the summer and next school year when she will be able to help there even more as the boys can help with Chloe, and then as Chloe has the chance to join the school body as a 1st grader.  We are in need of more nurses at the clinic, as some of our friends will be finishing their time here soon and departing for their home countries. 
The Pei people of the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea have never heard a clear Gospel presentation in their heart language of Pefiyahe.  In 2012 a team set out to learn the culture and language in order to establish a firm foundation for this language group of 200 people.  Justin and Lauren Reese, Chris and Evie Jones and Candace Swift spent 5 years with the people seeking to understand their worldview and underlying beliefs in addition to the language.  They also held literacy classes to teach the people to read in their own language.  They were very close to teaching through Creation to Christ and presenting the Gospel toward the end of 2017, when the unthinkable happened.  So close to starting a church, there was a medical crisis and the Jones family had to be evacuated.  After 21 months of not knowing if they would ever be able to return to the Pei people and their teammates, they were able to return to Paupua New Guinea in March.  Please be praying for their team's return:  for God's wisdom and provision when it comes to repairing their houses, for the tribal language to be remembered quickly, and for God's guidance in carrying out the translation and teaching.  Pray especially for the hearts of the Pei people, that the journey that Chris and Evie have been on to return to them will contribute to softened hearts. 
For many years our mission has had great freedom to serve in Papua New Guinea as missionaries, but recently some new rules for foreign workers are being proposed by the PNG government regarding entrance into the country which could greatly curtail our ability to support our church planting effort.  Please pray that God would keep the doors open for ministry.  There are still many opportunities to go where the Gospel is not understood in the heart language of the people. 
In His Service,
Marc and Alison Keeton
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stephen & Eglah Bahago, Word of Life - NigeriaBahago family